Frequently Asked Questions

What is the status of our campus plan?

Please view the images here. These renderings are the latest versions. Since last spring, we have purchased two properties to the north of the Parish Office building. We are entering into the programming phase of our campus plans.

Will the building projects be phased?

Yes. Our first project will be to repurpose the newly acquired house on Mercer Street—as early as possible. The house will be used as a center for our social justice and outreach programs, as well as provide flexible office space for other ministries, and serve as the home for our youth ministry programs. Next, we will focus on parking, followed by building the Activity Center.

Will there be a parking structure?

No. Purchasing the two properties (north of the Parish Office building) allows us to develop a parking lot as opposed to a parking structure. This alleviates the concern some parishioners had about the safety of parking structures. It also saves money.

Is everyone in the parish being asked to support the Beyond Sunday capital campaign?

Yes, and we hope everyone will answer this call to join the hundreds who already have made a pledge or given a gift. To date, we have received more than $6.7 million in pledges! All parishioners are being asked to make a three-year sacrificial pledge to the Beyond Sunday Capital Campaign. This support is in addition to offertory. We also are asking those who have supported St. Patrick Catholic Community previously, but are not registered parishioners, to consider making gifts.

Does it make a difference if I make my pledge now or wait until later?

It does make a difference. First, you decide when the best time is to pledge and begin making your payments. However, your parish already is incurring expenses related to our projects – architect fees, permit fees and others. Your pledge payments will help the parish meet our financial responsibilities related to our campus plan.

What will the stated Beyond Sunday campaign goal of $9.6 million cover?

It will cover the purchase of the two properties, the Social Justice & Outreach Center remodel, converting the garage to a Teen Center, additional parking and the creation of the new Activity Center building.

What if we don’t raise all the money?

As previously mentioned, we will complete our campus plans in phases.

What are the ways of paying off a pledge?

Gifts made by check are most common. Other options are gifts of stock, credit card payments or through an automatic draft from your checking or savings account, which can be set up through the parish. We also will gladly accept gifts of real estate and estate gifts.

What if I have questions about the projects or pledge process?

Please call Dan Minton, Coordinator of Stewardship, at (480) 998-3843, ext. 137. He will be happy to answer your questions or receive your pledge.


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