Frequently Asked Questions

What is the status of our campus plan?

Please view the images by clicking here. These renderings are the latest versions. Construction for Phase 1 will begin early May 2019 and continue all summer. Thank you in advance for your patience with our parking situation and ministry space scheduling. We have worked hard to get to this point. Amem!

Will the building projects be phased?

Yes, we have phased the project into two phases.


Phase 1 is fully funded and underway. Phase 1 began when we purchased the two houses on Mercer and will include: 

  • additional parking 
  • underground water retention
  • Tenant improvements to the Social Justice and Outreach House and Youth Ministry Garage
  •  septic to sewer &  project infrastructure
  •  along with a few improvements to Fenlon Hospitality Center 

Phase 2 consists of the construction of a 25,000 sq. ft activity center, giving us much needed large & small meeting spaces, overflow Mass space, etc., and completion of septic to sewer. At this time, we will need to raise additional funds to complete Phase 2.

Why do we need to raise additional funds for Phase 2?

Several reasons for why additional funds are needed for Phase 2:

  1. The original goal of $9.6 million was not met.
  2. The $9.6 million anticipated for the project costs, were dated back to 2014. Since then construction costs have risen and the projected cost of the project have risen as well.
  3. There have been additional costs associated with getting this project through the City of Scottsdale and in working with our neighbors.
  4. The City of Scottsdale requires us to take the entire campus from septic to sewer. This is a $1 million dollar line item not originally budgeted for.
Will there be a combined campaign with the Diocese of Phoenix to raise additional funds for Phase 2?

No, not in the traditional sense of the phrase “combined campaign.” A traditional “combined campaign” would take the total amount needed to complete our Phase 2 (approx. $6 million) plus the diocesan campaign goal ($4.13 million) and add them together for a total campaign goal of $10.3 million. This we are not doing.

Instead we will participate in the diocesan campaign “Together Let Us Go Forth,” with the campaign goal of $4.13 million. This goal was determined and set by the diocese. The spirit of the diocesan campaign is “together,” meaning both the diocese and parish go forward to raise needed funds and share in the efforts. Therefore 65% of funds raised in the campaign will go to the diocese and 35% will stay here at the parish and be put towards Phase 2.

If I give a donation to the Beyond Sunday campaign, do any of those funds get shared with the Diocese or their upcoming campaign?

100% of any gift/donation given to the Beyond Sunday campaign is restricted for the sole purpose of the expansion project and stays here at the parish.

When will the Diocesan campaign begin at the parish?

The Diocesan campaign, “Together Let Us Go Forth” will begin July 2019. Information about the campaign and the areas it will support can be found at by clicking here.

Where have funds been spent so far?

Quarterly, the parish has published a Beyond Sunday flyer in the parish bulletin. These updates include an overview of where funds have been spent. Please refer to the Beyond Sunday flyers here.

Will there be a parking structure?

No. Purchasing the two properties (north of the Parish Office building) allows us to develop a parking lot as opposed to a parking structure. This alleviates the concern some parishioners had about the safety of parking structures. It also saves money.

Is everyone in the parish being asked to support the Beyond Sunday capital campaign?

Yes, and we hope everyone will answer this call to join those who already have made a pledge or given a gift. To date, we have received more than $8.1 million in pledges! All parishioners are being asked to make a three-year sacrificial pledge to the Beyond Sunday Capital Campaign. This support is in addition to offertory. We also are asking those who have supported St. Patrick Catholic Community previously, but are not registered parishioners, to consider making gifts.

What if I want to make a first time pledge/gift?

We welcome you and thank you for seeing the vision of this project. You can either click here or reach out to Connie Smith, or 480-998-3843 ext. 110.

What if I am a new parishioner and want to support the project?

We welcome you and thank you for seeing the vision of this project. You can either click here or reach out to Connie Smith, or 480-998-3843 ext. 110.

How can I extend my original pledge?

Join your fellow parishioners in seeing this project to the finish line, by continuing your generous support. Please contact Connie Smith, or 480-998-3843 ext. 110. Many parishioners are extending their pledges and continuing their support, thank you!

What are the ways of paying off a pledge?

Gifts made by setting up a recurring gift are most common. Other options are gifts of stock, personal check or through an automatic draft from your checking or savings account, which can be set up through the parish. We also will gladly accept gifts of real estate and estate gifts.

What if I have questions about the projects or pledge process?

Please call Connie Smith at (480) 998-3843, ext. 110 ; She will be happy to answer your questions or receive your pledge.


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